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4 Costly Errors our Home Inspectors Have Prevented-

When you build hundreds of homes with massive crews, errors can happen. That’s why high-volume homebuilders trust DPIS. Our home inspectors preemptively identify and help solve common and not-so-common errors, so your crews can build homes faster and with fewer warranty issues.

What Does Smart Technology Mean for Builders?-

The NAHB takes a closer look at emerging trends in connected-home technology and potential liability concerns for builders. How do builders make sure they are installed correctly? How do builders satisfy their supervisory obligations? 

HVAC Design & Integrated Engineering-

Yes, you heard right! We are now offering HVAC Design to include: Manual’s J (Heat Load), D (Duct Design), and S (System Selection). Our designs will include ducting layouts that are integrated with engineering to ensure that all structural components will coincide with the mechanical system equipment and ducting. HVAC platforms will also be detailed on the […]

New Ventilation Testing Regulations-

With the 2015 energy code becoming standard statewide, and RESNET’s pending Standard 380 for testing changes, we will need a testing station for the fresh air ventilation systems in the return side of the attic HVAC system. This should come at a minimal cost since it is basically a short piece of hard pipe or folded sheet metal that would be used for any duct […]

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