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3 Lumber Related Ways to Reduce Build Costs-

Is the increasing cost of lumber affecting your bottom line? According to the National Association of Home Builders, framing lumber, including installation costs, accounts for about 18% of the average home’s build price. And with new tariffs on Canadian softwood, that percentage is increasing.

An Inside Look at the DPIS Web Tool Featuring Trade Summaries-

We asked homebuilders throughout the region what they needed from a full-service engineering and inspection partner to speed up builds and reduce expenses. The most common answer was real-time insights.

Save 15% on Lumber by Doing this One Simple Thing-

Massive shortages have been reported for framing lumber this year, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Lumber costs are steadily on the rise and it doesn’t look like there will be relief any time soon. Home builders are eager for solutions that can reduce lumber costs without sacrificing quality or structural integrity. One popular […]

How to Get Instant Data on Construction Progress-

Let’s face it. The construction process is fast and furious out on the site. Your construction managers cannot be at every address, every day. However, with the DPIS web tool, you are directly connected to instant information about what is going on in the field. This will allow your purchasing teams to make more educated decisions about their trades.
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