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Archive for the ‘reduce-warranty-costs’ Category

4 Costly Errors our Home Inspectors Have Prevented-

When you build hundreds of homes with massive crews, errors can happen. That’s why high-volume homebuilders trust DPIS. Our home inspectors preemptively identify and help solve common and not-so-common errors, so your crews can build homes faster and with fewer warranty issues.

Builder Explains Why Inspection Quality Matters-

We recently asked our client First America Homes about why they choose to work with the DPIS team. Here's what Dave Barnhart, Division President of First America Homes / Signorelli Homes had to say about his experience:

New Ventilation Testing Regulations-

With the 2015 energy code becoming standard statewide, and RESNET’s pending Standard 380 for testing changes, we will need a testing station for the fresh air ventilation systems in the return side of the attic HVAC system. This should come at a minimal cost since it is basically a short piece of hard pipe or folded sheet metal that would be used for any duct […]
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