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At DPIS, we want to ensure we do things right the first time every time. With our Free sample report, learn how we can help you build better, faster and reduce risk.

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Inspect what you expect with a sample report from DPIS.

Save Time - Save Money

Lower Your Total Cost of Construction 

Hear it from our VP of Sales, Brannon King on how our program can reduce several days of construction time just by adding that extra inspection. When you do a better job at the front, you don't have all the warranty problems at the end. That’s how you reduce the total cost of construction. And that’s what makes the Division President smile.

Build Better, Faster, and Reduce Risk

Our Proven Warranty Reduction Process

Learn how DPIS helped one of the largest homebuilders in America save millions and go from 1:1 warranty manager per community to 1:7 communities.

Streamline Your Process

Identify Efficiencies with Two-stage FrameNet 

Our in-depth Two-Stage FrameNet inspection goes beyond checking code to identify areas where risk can be mitigated and your processes can be improved. It helps optimize your structural, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing trades that are working on critical components that effect the integrity of the build and satisfaction of the homeowner. Through this proven process, we've been able to reduce construction time by 7-10 days!

Reduce Warranty Issues

Advanced HVAC Testing Eliminates Comfort Callbacks

Happy homeowners don’t generate callbacks. By ensuring that rooms have even heating and cooling, builders who utilize comprehensive HVAC testing eliminate homeowner frustration, costly callbacks (time & money costs), and see improved trade performance.

As they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and this inspection delivers lasting savings. We saved one Houston builder $2,500 per address

Division President Is Smiling...our name is our mission.

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Inspect what you expect with a sample report from DPIS.