DPIS Builder Services is Your Third-Party Code Compliance Provider

Don’t let your project get held up by a shortage of municipal inspectors due to COVID-19. Our team of qualified inspectors and engineers can offer third-party services that will alleviate some of the burden on the municipal permitting and inspection division. This enables you to speed up the construction process without compromising quality. Turn to DPIS for a wide-range of quality services.

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It’s no secret that working with a third-party can help you get ahead in the construction process. But what’s more important – is finding a third-party to ensure that consistency and quality are provided for all new homes being constructed. At DPIS, each home we work on is carefully evaluated with deep expertise in code compliance and building process optimization, without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

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Reduce Total Cost of Construction 


All foundations are engineered and inspected by a Registered Professional Engineer of record Licensed in the appropriate state, or their representative, at the following stages.

  1. Foundation Pre-Placement Inspection
  2. Foundation Placement Inspection
  3. Foundation Elongation Inspection

Upon completion of the foundation inspections, each home is certified via stamped address specific letter by the engineer of record.


All framing is engineered and inspected by a Registered Professional Engineer of record licensed in the appropriate state, or their representative, at the following pre cover stages. This can be verified via a single site visit if masonry is not installed prior to cover inspection.

  1. Frame Structural Inspection
  2. Mechanical Top-Out Inspection
  3. Plumbing Top-Out Inspection
  4. Electrical Top-Out Inspection
  5. Drainage Plane Inspection
  6. Rough Grading Inspection

Upon completion of the inspection, each home will be certified via stamped address specific letter by the engineer of record.


All energy code compliance will be engineered and inspected by the engineer of record or Certified RESNET Rating Provider, or their certified representatives, at the following stages.

  1. Manual J Development and Review (PE sealed)
  2. Energy Pre-Drywall Insulation and Air Sealing Inspection
  3. Energy Final Testing – Blower Door / Duct Blaster Inspection

Upon completion of the inspections, each home will be certified via address specific address specific documentation provided by the engineer or RESNET HERS rater of record. Each home will also receive a Final Code Compliance Inspection with all infractions verified for correction via third-party provider prior to submittal for Certificate of Occupancy with the municipality.

Whole House Certification

Our Registered Professional Engineer of record will provide a “whole house” letter of certification attesting to code, structural, mechanical and energy compliance of the final product prior to municipal issuance of Certificate of Occupancy.

Requirements of a strong third-party:

  • At least one Certified Building Official on staff. DPIS has two.
  • At least one Structural Engineering on staff. DPIS has six.
  • Provide inspection services with appropriate ICC certifications or Combo certifications.
  • Third Party Insurance Requirements:
    • General Liability $1,000,000 per occurrence / $4,000,000 aggregate
    • Automobile Liability $1,000,000 single limit
    • Professional Liability Insurance (Errors and Omissions) $2,000,000 per occurrence / $2,000,000 annual aggregate
    • Workers Compensation
      • Bodily Injury by Accident $1,000,000 limit each accident
      • Bodily Injury by Disease $1,000,000 Policy limit
      • Bodily Injury by Disease $1,000,000 limit each employee
  • Third Party will not perform inspections without the required city permits having been issued.
  • All inspections to be documented and data to be maintained electronically for a period of no less than 10 years.
  • All documentation to be available to the city within three business days of request.
  • Third Party shall notify City of all inspections to be conducted by 6:30am for the purposes of city conducted quality control inspections.
  • All inspectors utilized by third party agree to forgo any contractor opportunities in the city and for the home builder.