Engineering Services
We offer a complete array of residential engineering services from the foundations, to frames and windstorm.
Inspection Services
We have over 50 types of inspections to offer, we cover all phases of residential construction as well key phases of commercial construction. Call us today and discuss a customized inspection package for your company or project.
Energy Star
Complete energy analysis and inspection division covering the Energy Star, EFL, and ICC code programs. We offer Analysis,Inspection and Forensic services, and can tailor our energy packages for your projects.
Forensic Services
Complete array of forensic services including foundation, frame, energy analysis, energy thermographics and inspections.

“The Builders Solution”

At DPIS Engineering we are the “Builders Solution”, it’s not just a slogan, it’s words our company lives by. At DPIS Engineering we realize that the more vendors you involve in your building processes the more room there is for “Fat” in the process. Eliminate the need for having separate Engineering, Energy, Inspection and Quality assurance vendors, and take the “Builders Solution” package from DPIS Engineering and save a bundle!


Experience matters, don’t find your self signing up with the latest fly by night company knocking on your door. DPIS Engineering has been Inspecting and Engineering homes for well over 20 years now.

“Latest Techniques”

Tired of dealing with outdated techniques of the “other guys”. At DPIS Engineering we employ the latest technology and techniques in every field, period. Whether it’s the latest Autocad or staying up to date with the latest ICC code revisions, DPIS is at the forefront of the industry.